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" As a former partner of Ms. Bertini and Ms. Hammer, I can say that they are truly passionate advocates for every one of their clients. These attorney's work incredibly hard and offer the very best representation available. Although I no longer have any affiliation with them due to my own medical retirement, I recommend them highly and would not hesitate to send my own family and best friends to their firm. " Lisa O.

"I contacted Lisa Ann Bertini's office seeking counsel on my legal rights and options regarding a hostile and abusive work environment. Lisa met with me in her office very quickly and it was immediately clear that she was not only a highly knowledgable attorney, but she was also compassionate and genuine. Lisa clearly communicated with me what actions were necessary in order to maintain my legal rights and she assisted me in every measure, from answering basic questions to specifically guiding me as I communicated with my employer and Human Resources. She was realistic with me about my options, yet empathetic as though she understood the anger and injustice herself. There was little potential for financial reward for either of us, but Lisa was persistent in negotiating a severance for me so that I would have the ability to leave an employer that failed to appropriately address persistent complaints by myself, and others before me, of harassment and discrimination. In my research regarding this specific area of employment law, I have read that claims of discrimination and hostile environments can be difficult to prove. Through repeated denials by my employer of any illegal or abusive behavior, Lisa stood her ground and she stood by me. Lisa believed me and she gave me an opportunity to have my experience heard in the hopes that this would not happen to another person. There is a lot of healing that takes place when we are validated and I am grateful to Lisa for both her legal counsel and support. I highly recommend Lisa Ann Bertini as legal counsel in Employment Law and encourage you to contact her if you suspect that you are being negatively impacted in your work environment. "

"Lisa, thank you for what you did, not only for the help in financial recovery but also for bringing some sense of closure. Best wishes to you! " - G.A.

"Lisa youíre an awesome attorney.. I can't thank you enough.. I also really appreciate you keeping all the nasty things they said to yourself. I didn't need to hear them. My feelings were already hurt enough. I also love the fact that you were straightforward with me. Thank you " - D.M.

"Lisa Bertini is very easy to work with, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by this case and her experience and knowledge of the law gave me enormous comfort. She listened to all that I said, then explained the process step by step and presented the options. Lisa and the entire staff are true professionals they worked hard on my behalf, always keeping me informed while providing support throughout the process. I'm happy to say that Lisa was able to resolve my claim quickly and efficiently. I can move on content that this case is settled. I would absolutely recommend Lisa Bertini. " Ė Cindy

"Ms. Bertini treated me like a real person who needed help out of an extremely bad work environment. (Another attorney I had spoken with earlier basically laughed off my case!) Ms. Bertini immediately took command, asked the right questions and went to work. My severance was negotiated entirely within a week and she got exactly what I asked for. While I do not know the specifics, I can tell you she had a strategy and she was not at all afraid to go back for more, even after a "final offer" was on the table!" Ė S.K.

"I've never seen such a professional, efficient, no BS attorney. My wife and I were both impressed. We received a very positive letter approving me from the employment commission. My wife and I sincerely appreciate your professional, direct, information packed consultations and the support of your professional staff. "

Be Well. Fair Winds and Following Seas, C & H

"We NEVER imagined ourselves needing a lawyer and I still wish somehow that we never would have needed one. Truth is we did need a lawyer and Amberley Hammer was the answer to our prayers. She was thoroughly knowledgeable about the nature of cases like ours. Moreover, she was beautifully compassionate towards our needs and fought for us when we didn't even have the strength to fight. She has a fiery passion towards seeking results for families who are victims of medical negligence and malpractice. Mrs. Hammer understood the depth of our grief as she fought for us helping to secure a reasonable settlement for the loss of our newborn daughter. She has a servant's heart and is genuinely concerned about the interests of others. And while we know that she works diligently for many others like us, she always made us feel as though we were her only clients. She truly put our needs first and foremost. As daunting as it was to walk into her office the first time, I have to say now that we are on the other side that she made the process a lot easier than we expected. We were able to go on living our lives and not feel overwhelmed by our looming case. She is an amazing person of great character and that shows in her work. We are forever thankful for the blessing of Mrs. Hammer and her legal team for being there for us at a time when we needed more than just legal representation." - C & J

"I had been obstructed by the Cityís HR for over two and half years after having lost wages and HR saying there was nothing they could do. As soon as Lisa Bertini got involved all of the sudden HR saw the light and agreed to the back wages lump sum and to increase my pay 10%. As an added benefit to future city employees in this predicament HR stated they have changed their procedures so if a person gets into the same situation as I was in, they will be able to transfer to another position temporarily until the issue is resolved without a pay cut.

Lisa Bertiniís intervention has relieved a major stress and financial inequity from my shoulders and helped guide city HR doctrine for the better. Thank you very much." - H.M.

" ...The next spring, at the first supervisor meeting of the year, 11 men were promoted. It felt like they had promoted everyone who they could have promoted, except me. It felt flagrant. It was as if because I had complained about men getting promoted and been out spoken that I felt the females supervisors were being treated differently, that I had been denied promotion. I went home that night and decided my options were: quit, be upset, or do something. Choosing quit or choosing to be upset would just pass the burden along; I would make it someone else's problem. I googled what to do, found the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, went to Norfolk, and filed a charge...

I needed to find an attorney, someone who was really there for me. I found that and so much more. My attorneys, Lisa Bertini and Courtney Williams, have been there for me in every possible way. It's humbling that these women believed in me, my case, and my cause so deeply that they are willing to fight so hard and sacrifice so much purely for the principle and not the money..." Robin

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"I know you are the bomb and I love you all. You should be so proud of your accolades! What a wonderful life to be able to do a job where you can make a difference and change people's lives. Perhaps not all cases are victories in court but I hope that you know.... everytime you listen and you calm and you direct a client you are doing God's work in helping humanity to do better, to serve one another. Just as you helped me through the storm. Life is not so kind sometimes and it is the kindness of others that get you through. " - Your client and biggest cheer leader!!! - D.R.

"In looking for an attorney to represent my case, another attorney told me that there was only ONE person he would recommend: Lisa Bertini. As someone who fights for the underdog, she not only fought the good fight, she WON a settlement. I don't know what I would have done without Lisa, and I will always be grateful for her professionalism, thoroughness, and understanding. I recommend Lisa Bertini whole-heartedly!" - CC

"No one desires to be in an uncomfortable environment in the workplace, especially when you spend over 50% of your day at work. There are some employers that do not respect their employees and often the employee feels as if they are in a fixed fight and no matter what, they are going to lose. I am grateful to this day for selecting Lisa Bertini as my attorney; she put on her boxing gloves and fought for me with integrity. She is professional, compassionate, dedicated, and never made me feel like I was just another client or case. She listened attentively and did an amazing job handling my case. She was extremely responsive to emails, phone calls, and kept me well informed. Even though I know she was busy, she never treated me like I was an interruption to her day and always welcomed my questions and feedback. Although I would never want anyone to walk a mile in my shoes; Lisa assured me that we would take the appropriate actions to gain a viable solution. Reflecting on the circumstances now, I wish I would have called her much sooner. I would highly recommend Lisa if you desire an attorney that is ethical and who will fight for you. I sincerely appreciate Lisa and her team for everything they did for me to gain justice." - Graciously submitted by RB

"Nobody wants to be put in a situation late in life where you are without a job. I was employed with a fortune 500 company for over twelve years. I knew the reason for losing my job was not my fault. I decided I had to do something about it. I had heard many good things about Lisa Bertini who is an employment law attorney. After reading about Lisa and her partners on the internet I was convinced that Lisa would be able to handle a company of this magnitude. Lisa was fantastic in everything she did. She was extremely knowledgeable and she was clearly not afraid to take on a BIG COMPANY. From our initial meeting to the end of my case, Lisa kept me informed every step of the way. Most of all she was compassionate, she not only was my attorney but she was like a friend too. If I needed to talk to her, it didnít matter what time of day it was, she would respond. Even though this was a situation I would not wish on anyone, Lisa Bertini made me feel like we were on the right road to recovery. She was right, I am now able to retire and get on with my life comfortably. I would highly recommend Lisa Bertini and this firm to anyone who wants to win and win big. Thank you Lisa for being there for me and my family." - Anonymous

“We are so thankful that Amberley Hammer has the heart and mission to assist families like ours through the Birth Injury Fund process! I know it is challenging work with little monetary reward. It is obvious that her reason for helping is because she really does care! Not only do we appreciate the work she has done for our daughter to successfully get into this life-changing program, we are very grateful for her empathy and emotional support throughout the process. It is refreshing to know that , in the midst of being incredibly busy and stressed from advocating for our daughter on a daily basis in the big system out there, someone really and genuinely has our back.” – J. R.

“I am yet another who is fortunate to have found Lisa Bertini! Not only did she handle my case in a most professional manner but also treated me compassionately when I was quite ill and needed understanding. Had it not been for her expeditious handling of my case, I honestly donít know what I would have done! I was kept informed throughout the process, and considering the nature of my case and its uncertainty, I so appreciated her belief in me and straightforwardness about everything. Her entire group truly goes to bat for its clients. I hope to never need Lisa Bertiniís services again; however, I keep the number in my speed dial and highly recommend her and the law firm of Bertini & Hammer to anyone who needs her assistance! ” - A. C. S.

“I never imagined myself in a situation needing to seek legal counsel. However, life throws you a curve sometimes. After hearing Lisa Bertiniís name suggested to me multiple times, it became clear to me who I needed to contact. Once in communication, Ms. Bertini was quick to work with me to gather details and educate me on the next steps. She worked through the process in a professional manner and kept me up-to-date every step of the way. I am now able to recommend Ms. Bertini myself and am delighted to do so. ” - KDF

“I am so glad that I found Lisa Bertini! Considering the nature of the case and the uncertainty, I so appreciated her belief in me and her straightforwardness about everything. Lisa and her group are so good at what they do; they've got everything covered and truly go to bat for their clients. I found it so easy to trust them, their judgment, their guidance, and they kept me in the loop at each step through this. In the best way possible, I hope I never need Lisaís services again...but if I do, there is absolutely no one else I will trust. And I will continue to recommend Lisa Bertini to everyone I know. .” - MZ

“I highly recommend the law firm of Bertini & Hammer, PC. My lawyer, Lisa Bertini, handled my case in a most professional manner and obtained a result that I was very pleased with. While her knowledge, skills, and preparation were extraordinary, what I most liked about her was that she allowed me to be an integral part of my case. It was my input and my desires that shaped the course of how she would defend and fight for me. Lisa insured that my case was truly MY CASE.” - MW

“I, like many others, was a victim of sexual harassment by my employer. This event brought about great consternation and I was uncertain of what my rights were, but I knew they had been violated. I sought professional legal counsel from Lisa Bertini to assist in my pursuit for justice. The advice offered was understandable, informative and provided a sense of relief in knowing Lisa understood my situation. Besides providing all the reasonable expectations, professionalism and knowledge, Lisa offered a level of empathy that was unexpected. This genuine concern gave me a positive outlook on my circumstances. As a result of Lisa’s efforts I became informed, had my dignity restored and was granted a very fair settlement for the treatment I endured. I know my outcome would have been far less than favorable and unjust without Lisa's impressive expertise and support.” - JD

“Lisa Bertini accepted my case and worked extremely hard for me, on a case so difficult and tenuous, no other lawyer that I asked would accept. Lisa and her staff's diligence and attention to detail were gratifying, leaving nothing unexplored. Lisa fought with such tenacity, I felt as if I were part of her own family. She delivered a just settlement for me, against, practically insurmountable odds. I chose Lisa Bertini and she took me as her client, for that I am grateful. There would not be an attorney anywhere, other than Lisa, who I would want to represent me.” - L. Robinson

“From the first contact, this law firm provided the finest customer service I have ever experienced. All phone calls/emails were responded to expeditiously. Lisa Bertini immediately put me at ease with her straightforward, no punches pulled style, giving an honest assessment, and laying out realistic expectations concerning my issues. I am extremely pleased with the results. Should I ever need legal services again, a call to this firm, and Lisa Bertini, will be the only call I will have to make.” - Danita J.

“When you are confronted with a legal concern you need someone who is able to see you as an individual, not just as another legal problem. Lisa Bertini has that rare ability to put you at ease and to present information in a clear precise way that helps you to become a real part of the process. Her legal knowledge and tenacity is second to none. I would not consider going to anyone else if I need legal assistance in the future.” Jane W.

“The thought of fighting for health insurance after losing my job was terrifying. How could this happen to me? What could I do? All my questions were answered when I contacted Lisa Bertini at B&H. She prepared me for the fight…every step of the way. Her firm was wonderful. They were professional, caring and supportive. They left no questions unanswered. Contacting Lisa Bertini was unequivocally the best decision I ever made!” Laura W.

“I would like to express the feelings of my family about the services of Amberley. She has been extremely compassionate and driven to seek justice for our daughter. We have been comfortable sharing our experiences with her. Her honesty upfront has helped us along the way in dealing with bumps in the road. With her guidance, we have been involved in making crucial decisions. Her heart has truly been involved with her untiring dedication to this case. Over the past 2 years, there have been difficult times and she never gave up. Amberley's team has been extremely supportive in keeping us up-to-date on the progression of our daughter's case. We feel so lucky to have Amberley and her team fighting for our daughter!”

David, Rachel, and Lillian

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